Exercise Bike Types: Which Is a Better Choice for You

When it comes to exercise biking, you’ll find quite a number of options to choose from. This is even more relevant for the newbies who are just getting started with their very first bike. But with so many options to choose from, how do you pick the very best bike? Well, that is exactly what we will find out in the following section. In the next couple of sections, you will find detailed information about the different kinds of exercise bikes, namely; Spin Bikes, Upright Bikes, and Recumbent Bikes.

Spin Bikes

Often touted as indoor cycling bikes, spin bikes are the kind of bikes that come with a unique set of machine elements. It is these elements that collectively make your bike work. If you’re serious about investing in a spin bike for your health, Justhomegym.com has many recommendations by price range. That means you will not have a problem even if you’re on a budget.

While spin bikes come with many useful features, its defining element is about the amount of resistance it offers. These bikes don’t just offer enough resistance, but they also offer it in a distinct way. Unlike the upright systems, these bikes come with a weighted flywheel that passes through a transmission system before they’re finally connected to the bike’s pedals. This system is highly identical to that of a regular bike. Spin bikes stand out because they combine this feature with direct contract brakes to offer you just the right kind of resistance.

While riding a spin bike, you’ll be required to move forward and follow a crouching pattern. This pattern will be almost similar to the position that you have to follow while riding motorbikes. The pattern is necessary for greater body movement and higher resistance. As you start getting accustomed to this equipment, you’ll eventually get the chance to tweak the resistance and the handlebars. This, in turn, will improve your cycling skills, boost your stamina and help you gain better body strength. In case you’re looking to add an edge to your exercise, try riding these bikes while you’re standing. This will help you enjoy a tad more intensive workout that engages almost all your muscle groups.

Upright Bikes

These are the most common bikes that are available in almost every fitness center. As evident from the name, they require you to sit in a proper, upright position while you use the paddles. Unlike the two other bikes, Upright bikes provide you an excellent combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises that not only keep you fit but also helps you in meeting your weight loss goals in a jiffy. Additionally, these bikes also infuse you with greater stamina that helps you work out longer than usual. According to most fitness experts, the right kind of upright bike can help you lose around 500 to 1000 calories in a single session. These bikes are an excellent choice for individuals who weigh more than 50 pounds. You can also use them if you have joint issues.

Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent Bikes can be best defined as stationary exercise equipment or the actual cycles that you ride when you’re outdoors. The primary difference between the conventional and recumbent bikes is that the latter requires you to sit in a relaxed position while pedaling your feet right before you. This relaxed posture makes it ideal for individuals who are unable to use the upright bikes due to issues pertaining to their necks and shoulders. In case you’re looking to try a recumbent bike for your next cardio session, try to use your workout time to its full potential by keeping a moderate intensity during the entire duration for your exercising session. Click here to find a list of the best recumbent bikes.

Most fitness enthusiasts vouch for recumbent bikes because of their low intensity, high result yielding training. If you put in proper effort, you can always lounge back and relax while working out like you always wanted to. While these bikes are not the ideal equipment for muscle building, you can always use them to burn calories, train your cardiovascular system and strengthen your buttocks and glutes. Like the upright bikes, these bikes too are easy to ride and easier to maintain.

Final Thoughts

Well, now that you know almost everything about exercise bikes, get your bike right away and start exercising like you always wanted to. With the right bike and the right workout, you can reach your fitness goals easier than ever!

Top 10 Health Benefits of Using Exercise Bike

Are you looking to cut down on your extra pounds? Are you looking to make the lower part of your body super strong? Did you ever feel like investing in solid equipment that’ll cater to your fitness requirements even when you’re lazy to try your workouts? If your answers are yes, an exercise bike is just the kind of equipment for you. This bike will not just make you strong, but it’ll also induce the secretion of certain hormones that’ll keep you confident, reduce your stress and help you lose weight like never before. In case you’re still skeptical about the benefits of using this bike, here’s everything you need to know.

Excellent Cardio Workout – Heading for a daily run can often get quite boring. And this is exactly where an exercise bike comes to play. This bike will help you carry out your daily dose of cardio while also adding a dash of variety to your workout sessions.

Cuts Down on Calories – It goes without mention that exercise bikes help you burn your calories and keeps you fit and healthy all way around. According to a research conducted by Women’s Health Magazine, around 1 hour of cycling can help you burn 500 calories on a single go. So if you’re looking to build a leaner frame, this bike will definitely meet your purpose.

Lets You Take Full Control of your Workouts – Unlike the conventional workouts which can’t be regulated or controlled, exercise bikes prevents you from being too hard on yourself. Once you ride these bikes, you can always regulate the intensity of cycling, thereby getting to work out without pushing yourself too hard.

Low Risk Exercise – Since you get to control the intensity and the level of your workout, cycling/biking stands as a low risk exercise. It doesn’t impact your joint and helps you improve your level of training in slow and gradual steps.

Improves the Mobility of your Joints – When you ride your exercise bike, it plays a major role in improving the overall range of motion along your joints, ankles, and knees. This is because paddling causes your joints to rotate which automatically enhances the range of motion.

Improves your Breathing – Cycling regularly on your exercise bike can also improve the pattern of your breathing. This is even more pertinent for people having respiratory ailments like asthma. When you exercise regularly on this bike, the changing frequency and intensity help you manage your breathing patterns better.

Helps You Gain Muscles – If you’re looking to gain muscles, then too exercise bikes can be your savior. When you perform on this bike regularly, your abdominal muscles and arm muscles are significantly improved.

Helps You Get a Shapely Lower Body – Exercise biking is one of the best ways to get shapely buttocks, quadriceps, and glutes. It helps you build the necessary muscle and also shapes these specific areas.

Reduces Type 2 Diabetes – Exercise bikes also have benefits pertaining to insulin which significantly reduces your blood sugar levels. So if you have Type 2 Diabetes, this bike is the best equipment for your workouts.

Secretes Endorphins – Exercising regularly on your bike induces the secretion of hormones like endorphins and serotonin that keeps you active and happy all way around.

Final Thoughts:

So if you’re looking to build muscles, stay fit, lose weight and embrace an active lifestyle, nothing can work better than exercise bikes.

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